Students having fun at the LITAS Summer Incubator at the Phoenix Public Library’s Acacia Branch.
 Congrats to Laura Lu (11th grade, Xavier College Preparatory) for the success of her month-long LITAS incubator in CS+STEM! We are proud to have partnered with Phoenix Public Library’s Acacia Branch to reach out to under-privileged girls in the Phoenix Area for this program.
Students met for two hours every week during the month of June, learning HTML, CSS, and entrepreneurship skills from the LITAS curriculum. The program had a special focus on fashion and its intersection with technology, which Laura is passionate about. Laura is herself a LITAS alumna from 2015 and a prize winner in the 2016 LITAS Tech Showcase. 
Stay tuned for more news about upcoming LITAS incubators!
The incubator participants learned web development and entrepreneurship in the month-long incubator.